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How does it works?
The regulation of (international version) and (italian version) is very easy. Our community is dedicated to girls who love long fingernails and hands care.

To be one of our hand models you have to register for free in our website and send a minimum of 8 photos of your hands and nails. After few hours your photos will be approved by our staff and you will be able to get votes from your friends and from our visitors.

To get extra points and rise the ranking, you only have to update your profile with new photos or videos of your hands. You can add new photos just one time per month, sending a minimum of 8 new photos, just logging into the website with your username and password and clicking on the "Update" button. Every update helps you to get from a minimum of 100 extra points to a maximum of 1000 extra points assigned according to these elements: beauty and nail care, nail length and quality of pictures. If you post a video you can get from a minimum of 100 extra points to a maximum of 500 extra points, you can send one video every month!

Awards and donations
At the end of the year, the model with the highest score will get the title of Best Hand Model and an reward of 50 € that will be credited on her PayPal or bank account. The model's profile will also receive great visibility in our social networks.

At the end of the year, we will also announce these special awards: Best Nail Arts (for the best nail artwork), Best European Nails (for the best model from Europe), Best North American Nails (for the best north american model), Best South American Nails (for the best model from South America), Best Asian Nails (for the best model from Asia), Best African Nails (for the best model from Africa) and Best Oceania Nails (for the best model from Oceania). To receive theese awards, each model must send at least 3 updates. During the year may also be organized theme contests in our social pages that will offer cash rewards or extra points in our main contest. The winners of the contest can not delete their profile or their photos during the next contest.

Models can also earn money getting donations from their fans, directly from their profile pages. 75% of each donation will be credited to the model, the remaining 25% is retained by the site to repay management costs. Besides model will receive 100 extra points for every 10 € donated. For privacy reasons, only the name of the donor and his message is revealed to the model, the surname and the e-mail address will not be communicated.

Contest correctness
This competition rewards the real hand model's effort to grow and take care of their natural nails. We don't accept pictures of fake, reconstructed, repaired or acrylic nails. We accept pictures of both natural nails and nail arts. To obtain extra points it is necessary that the photos are recent and that they have not already been published in the past in their profile. The girls who publish updates with gel-covered or rebuilt nails will not receive extra points and will not compete for the best hand-model title. Our staff can at any time apply penalties or remove the profiles of the hand models that do not respect the rules.

Moreover, repeated votes or any trick to falsify the scores of registered models will not be tolerated, in which case penalties will be possible or, in the most serious cases, exclusion from the competition without any prior notice.

So, what are you waiting for? Become now one of our Hand Models. Register now, it's free!

Hand model of the year

Best model of the year: amenchio

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Welcome on, the biggest community for girls who love to take care of their hands and nails. Here you'll find userful informations to have perfect long nails. You can also participate in our contest: we rewards the most beautiful long nails. Send your nails pictures and become now one of our Hand Models! Subscribe now and send your nail pictures to become one of our models!