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Health of your nails, how to keep them strong and resistant

Besides nutrition, there are other aspects not to be neglected for healthy nails. Here they are!

Health of your nails, how to keep them strong and resistant Health of your nails

· A complete manicure every week will help you to make your hands and nails neater and more beautiful, as well as healthier.
· The nail polish usually offers protection from external elements, but we recommend to regularly leave your nails au naturel, rubbing them only with olive oil until it is fully penetrated.
· In order to strengthen and clean your nails, another excellent remedy would be smearing them with lemon juice.
· Take the good habit of using rubber gloves during housework, especially those with an internal cotton coating.

It’s very important to use a good specific oil for cuticles: it’s perfect for a super-fast manicure. If you don’t have enough time, but your hands are not so "presentable", you can swipe this product to have, even in a few minutes, a neat appearance.

According to oriental medicine, fingernails’ health is the indicator of our energy level: fragile nails that break easily correspond with a deep body drop. How can we "read" our nails looking for symptoms of a more complex disease condition? Little white spots: if they appear, this may reveal a calcium and silicon deficiency in your body. Nail bed: if the typical white lunulae on the nail bed disappear or change means that we are experiencing a particularly stressful period.

Convex nails: if they have a slightly raised backside and a dark background, probably, this could mean respiratory and heart diseases. Pale, concave nails: the so-called "spoon" shape is found in people who suffer from anaemia.

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